Friday, March 31, 2006

The Drawings of Lascaux

The Federal Fisics Fellow has designated cartoons as a frequency range within the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is because we have come full circle since the Palaeolithic cave paintings of Lascaux. We have in that time achieved and lost language, and now rudiementary drawings are semiotic key once more.

This is why cartoons must be controlled. They are the essence of our language. So, just as you cannot direct X-rays at your neighbor, neither can you freely distribute cartoons.

The radio frequencies run from 30 GHz to 100 KHz. Cartoons run at the frequency of two a week. But they're more dangerous than microwave, or even ultraviolet. So they require screening, just like the sun.

Kids in school see cartoons on the scale of frequencies in their science texts. After several generations, it's quite natural to see them there. After all, the term "texts" is an anachronism, like "typing" and "dialing." Everything is pictures now.

I better wake up now. I do. And go back to sleep.

A young lady, very cute, is with me. I see this is all right, although my waketime being often pulls on me. We are sleeping together. I think, we've slept together, but I don't feel like we have. I think it's all right, although she appears a mite distance in the morning.

We have breakfast, then go out for breakfast. It is all a part of doing conventional acts, no matter our specific needs. I walk into the foyer of the restaurant and she lags behind. Yes, yes, I'm sure now, she is not happy with me.

I think right now is the time for another ritual. I must shower. I walk down corridors until showering begins happening. That's the way it's done now. You just walk down hallways until your act is presented.

There are open stalls everywhere along the way. I see there are convenient ones, just ahead.

I better wake up again.

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