Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stuart Lake

My brother Reloj and I have a speaker phone going in a plush and padded parlor (all my dream settings are unknown to me awake). We're chatting with President Obama.

It isn't an interview, or a press conference; just a casual conversation. Barrack is subdued, quiet. I ask if it's possible for the Republicans to render from out of their dismal void a sane and sensible candidate by 2016.

"I mean, has anybody risen so high and so fast from obscurity?"

I'm thinking Barrack Obama, but he says

"Stuart Lake."

Quizzical. I ask Reloj

"Stuart Lake?"

And he says

"That's the way I heard it."

We wait, and listen, but the President says no more. We google Stuart Lake then.

"There are very few angles that sing."