Monday, June 09, 2014

Schopenhauer Dream

The book was actually only an exegeses  of a footnote from a previous volume in which Schopenhauer had written: "The only valid aphorism must regard events that never happen." 

I am watching a football game on TV, idly in breaks from reading, but there is some drama in that a hotshot team (unnamed) is expected to do well with all their stars and the legend inscribed on a sideline banner: "The road to the Super Bowl starts now!" But there is a slight impediment to the plot - Cleveland is grinding out yards in unspectacular fashion while the stars mostly wait on their sideline. There is a score on the ground, but the stars can win that one back in a flash. Only - Cleveland has the ball again and is methodically moving again and there goes their fullback the last few  yards into the end zone. 

I begin to see the slogan for this game may never work out on the field. 

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