Saturday, August 29, 2015

Interior - Neon

A cathedral of glass and tile. The subject is transit.

You will have to check your suitcase. Also your carry-on.
All right. I'm new to this. What duo I sho?
I'll do everything. Just raffle this ticket. Tomorrow there'll be another palace like this. You'll see signs. Follow the one that says'BAGGAGE CLAIM.'
Got it.
Not yet. You do not go there. You place your claim rocket in the recycle bin. You walk away from the palace and you don't look back. You have that?
What happens to my baggage?
It will eventually emerge from the underground conveyer onto the carousel. It will begin to circle then. Round and round it will go, both your suitcase and your handbag. It will go on forever.
But ... Everything I am is in those bags!
Common misconception.
There must be some continuity! I can't just reticent myself every day!
No, of course not. You are six years old, slightly plump, and you study bugs and draw comics.
No, no - well,I have moved on from that phase.
Good point.
But I have places to be, people to meet, I have responsibilities now!
Yes, there will be a princess and a rodeo queen, then a teacher and a ventriloquist.
Hey, wait I know them. I've met them!
Say hello. Have a nice trip.
But ...

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