Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sinuous Saga

I am strangely associating with the jungle queen of the underclass in my old home town, Sheena Belle, as well as the class cretin, Boss. I don't know why I'm here, but we're up on the square in our old home town.

Sheena steps toward the street and she makes a puddle out of the asphalt by simply wading into it. Here she has a pool forming.

Now we're all in. Floating around the square in small singular rafts, like Venice. My sis-in-law Rose says, wait, hold it, and she comes aboard my raft from hers to seize......a cotton-headed water moccasin, as we called them. A deadly water snake. Rose has it by the neck near the head and near the tail, and she flings it wide to another part of the moat.

Switch to...dry land, in fact, nearly a desert, with an activity going on like Trades Day, except sparse. Another snake, maybe a rattler, rises in my path. This time a cowboy sort approaches and takes hold of the monster, expertly throttles it.

There seems to be a lot of snakes in my old town.

Woops, someone has run into us. I'm in an auto, and next to me is Reloj in another, and an old guy turning across our bows has included us both in his circuit. (Strange that he's coming from our left, perpendicular to the road where we wait at a stoplight, and he's somehow turning to a road to our right. Dreams make funny traffic patterns.)

We're all calm, and realizing there will be a long wait for the traffic report. I have in an old '57 Chevy a wrinkled front fender and grill, and Reloj has some damage in his vehicle, which I never see.

I spend the time like you do while waiting for the police. I am sculpting the figure of the old man who has hit us in clay. I don't think I have the roll of his pompodour right. Maybe the police has a sculptor to fix my work.

I hear the interview now between the old man and the claims adjuster. He tells her the wreck has dislodged all his utilities, including gas and power and "Sears." The concussion or something has ruptured his Sears. Hmnnn.

The adjuster says, "That's fifty thousand, right there." Wow.

I try and think how maybe this wreck has broken my K-mart...

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