Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Deer Are Dancing!

We have moved into a palace. Somehow we are renting quarters which go on and on. I'm walking from room to room. I am now atop a waterwheel which I will casually walk over, and I say, we were supposed to move to another rental but we'll obviously have to cancel. Somehow this stately mansion fell into our laps.

I am walking to explore the rooms. I hear out beyond our stately wall border the sound of herding, the whoops of boys in the air. The deer come into our yard, and the goats. A little deer cringes pressing against the glass of the door to the yard. (It's a separate yard, just for this room, one of many.)

I open the door to allow in the little critters. I figger it's not right, but I can, being the resident proprietor, so I do.

I walk on. Here is a sunken den, and a room beyond. It's Reloj's room. I don't see him, but there are laughing friends about.

I go to the toilet. It's sealed up, full. I see I cannot use the toilet in this mansion. Must be others in this palace, but I concentrate on this one, so incongruous, like in a public bathouse. Near it is a smaller container, also sealed, but it tells me "You can spit here" so I do.

I step off towards where I've come. I see in passing one of the rooms on my way, what looks like a tribal stomp of deer, they're leaping in unison, facing one another in a circle on the lawn.

I go to find Niki J. Come, quickly, the deer are dancing!

When we are back near the room, we see it is a pride of young girls instead, leaping and smiling together.

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