Sunday, April 09, 2006

Willie is Sick but Tina is Assured

I am attempting to ward off a hound attacking another, not in earnest but harassing nonetheless, plus Willie is not well. One lady sitting over by the rocks under shade is sad because I deflect the pup belonging to her companion, who sits stoic and silent. I say, but Willie is sick.
Tina is one who is assured. She comes back. She smiles at me the way little girls who know they are captivating do. I think she's trouble. She must go somewhere. She asks me, for I've been there. It will only be a moment. Oh, yes, I say, it's quite all right.

She traipses off down the path, which winds around and back through a tunnel and comes out immediately below. Tina smiles up at me like a beauty queen during the parade. She is so very lovely, she is thinking. I am thinking, such a bother.

I think I wake up before she comes back on purpose.

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