Saturday, July 11, 2015

Upgrading An Ancient Contact List

There's one on every tour. Seymour had been everywhere and knew everything. Harriet and George hoped to avoid him during the visit to the Vatican. The Pope was scheduled to appear on a balcony to bless the vehicles. "I'll go with you. I know everybody in Vatican City. Just knock on my door after breakfast. "

So they sneaked out of the hotel before breakfast. And here he was in the courtyard right behind them!

"Hey, missed you this morning. They need me inside for a minute but I'll be right back to show you around . " And he was off.

The Pope walked out onto the balcony, right on schedule. And right beside him, also waving at the crowd, was Seymour!

"This is hoax," said George. "That can't be the Pope. I'm gonna ask somebody. " And he moved off in the crowd, looking for anyone who seemed native Italian. Here's one.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me, is that really the Pope up there?"

"You mean the guy up there with Seymour?"


This has been a test of Tim's address book. Had it been a real email, there would be something in it. If I see no return, I'll delete your account from my contact app. Thank you.

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