Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Does Not Even Know My Name!

(The following story is a dream, and any resemblance to actual beings, living or not, is to be expected, as the principal characters would certainly recognize themselves were they to read it, which I sincerely hope they don't.)

Terry was a well-respected man about town but I wasn't. Anyway, we both were apparently engaged in an event once upon a time featuring a certain beauty queen. 

We called her that and she seemed to like it , not recognizing irony. She actually entered contests and placed highly, too, and Terry and I reportedly did something with or more likely to her and people talked and the event morphed. That's how it is. 

I did not know what we had done, but I was very sorrowful and penitent in keeping with slow burning general outrage. 

Terry was not around so I was on my own along a typical street in the 'burbs. I lived there. Here I am now, carrying roof tiles to guys up the street so they'll like me better. It would work for a while but always like gravity and without actually seeing her the Beauty Queen came back. 

So one sunny morning the Beauty Queen actually walked into a room in the shimmery radiant flesh and there were some neighbors and me, sitting in a room. Well, then. I tried to shift the topic over to that event from the past without mentioning it, which was a very dodgy path to exculpation. 

I alluded and hinted and drew a blank. She not only had no memory of any occasion similar to the one towards which I nudged her, but she did not remember me. 

Repeating my name which had been fed to her by another member of our gathering, she had no recognition. And it was true because she made no eye contact with me while puzzling over the name. I had no contact to her mind with the words she mused over. Woesong?

I had not even existed in her history. So why had I carried the roof tiles up the street?

In the back yard now, the one to which I had handed those tiles was heading off across the sunny yard with a buddy, and said to him, you know, Woesong and Terry, that time with the Beauty Queen -

It isn't true! I yelled. She was just here! She does not even know my name! It didn't happen! Ask anyone who was there!

Did they do any jail time? asked the companion of Roof Tile Guy. 

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