Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Perfectly Fine Gadget

From Evernote:

A Perfectly Fine Gadget

It was just hefty enough to feel important. It was metallic and intricate on it's face; very impressive. About the size of a large paperback.

We handled it, nodded, passed it on. Another of us did the same. It went all around.

I was the one who discovered that you could twist the barrel after shoving the base upward and it would lock in place. I tried it twice, then said, "Hey, lookahere."

I demonstrated the move again, more expertly, assertive, even. Everybody around nodded. I placed it back on the shelf and made to walk away to another part of the plant. Others did, after long admiring glances back at the gadget.

Nobody, then or since, had the slightest idea what the use of it might be.

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