Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Someone brings a beer. One. For six or seven of us. Thanks. I should go for more. I don't.

We are in a bar which is a transition, like an airport. We pause here and drink and then go on. There is somebody and somebody's kin and the blonde, who is pretty and just past young. Everyone is relaxed. I go to the bathroom.

It is a large public place, and we mill about. The blonde appears on a balcony I thought was just a faux masonry piece up on the wall. She begins to sing to us. A lot of self-conscious guys who only want to do what they came for and leave.

She reassures us. It's all right. I always do this. And then she sings for us so very sweetly. It is really heartfelt. We pause and look at her and listen. It is all most endearing.

Then she exits through a door which wasn't there before, and immediately wasn't again.

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