Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There is a police wagon of some sort chasing the creature about the grounds. I'm standing with one of the orderlies, and the place is like a huge pennetentiary, but very loosely goverened. The critter is running about; it's like a primate but becomes human as I watch.

I have no particular interest - until the orderly beside me starts firing a high-powered rifle at the creature. I move up after th
e third shot, call something out to the perp, then pick up the little one and go with him. I'm hurrying but not running, and the critter is now a toddler in my arms. He is defective in some way, I am to understand, and that is how they will rid themselves of him.

I go indoors, which is an expansive plant of untold rooms. It is well lit, and obscure
settings like cloth-colored pools litter the rooms.

I wait for someone to challenge me, to realize I am not supposed to be carrying one of their charges. Someone speaks, and I reply, and this one thinks it the funniest remark ever. I go on.

Now I can't find the toddler. I call to him. He is under one of the canvas coverings. I hear his reply. He is in no major distress.

Niki J will not be happy I am bringing home a new little creature, but I don't know what else I can do. I think of my shoes. Where are they? Where is my bike? I must leave this place, with the child, even if I lose all I have brought with me.

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