Monday, September 19, 2005

He has a plan, and he's going through with it. That Black gentleman over there. He has an idea for a community. It will be built in the treetops.

He will flatten and level the crowns off a triangle of redwoods, and he will cinch them together and draw them tighter and tighter. He will build his city on a platform set atop the three redwoods.

It will be powered, this city, by Dynamic Tension. You may remember this theory from the backs of magazines in the fifties. In just fifteen minutes a day, Charles Atlas would make sure no more sandkickers bothered you and your lady at the beach. The principle is an irrestible force meeting an immovable object - and you don't need logic to buy into the phrase. You apply all your force of one hand against the resistance of the other, basically.

And so the force of the treetops trying to spring back to plumb will develop sufficient power to run his city. It worked for Charles Atlas, he said. But power requires movement, you say, and he says, it worked for Charles Atlas.

I don't know where to begin. But he isn't listening to me anyway. I will build this city, he says.

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