Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Casey is slapping Max. I am very much troubled. It's to help him relax, as he has dental work pending. Sort of like sodium pentothol, but I'm not laughing. I love Max, and this draws on family patience.

Max the beauty "golden medley" is rearing up and Casey is slapping him. I must tell him it does not work like that. So, I consult the vet.

I have her number here, but I'm not sure she is the one. I have no visual memory, but I have her picture in my wallet just across from her address and phone number. She looks a lot like Jilla. But is she the vet? I need an expert to tell Casey that isn't the way you relax your pup.

I look up and - is this her? Like at a country fairgrounds, others saunter by, and here she is, right in front of me. Is this the vet?

I guess there's only one way to test the premise. Are you her? I ask, and show her the picture from my wallet. Is this you?

I have no visual memory.

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