Saturday, January 01, 2005

I am following someone in authority. Reloj is with me. Inside a store, dimly lit, the detective lays down beside a counter, and he moves somehow...

...a woman is pushed out on the other side. I think `corpse' but she just lies there, one arm shielding her brow. The detective stands, and moves away. Towards us, and away from her.

"What now?" she asks.

"It's an arrest," he says.

"Oh, brother..." she says, more like, here we go again.

Reloj and I at the entrance of another store. He points out I have on two hats. I'm wearing two hats. I remove both, replace one, try and make it sound ordinary. Like lots of guys have on two baseball caps. Like, you try and deal a single card and two hit the table together.

Inside, there are some cute little guys, and dressed. They are toddlers in tuxes, and they are on a stage above a counter. One of them is walking by, and he greets me, and he seems so absolutely glad to see me, is so unbearably kind, I'm utterly charmed. Just a little guy who has that rare capacity to be glad in someone else's existence.

Another of them comes forward. His buddies take notice. He is studying, preparing, and he launches with all his might...a marble.

It hits a table just beyond the counter after a low slow arc. Very softly. There is no damage. It hardly rolls. A misspent attempt at vandalism.

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