Saturday, November 15, 2003

We are driving, me and my beta wife, and I let her out. I think, maybe I should’ve stopped to do that. Later it will come up, and I will report I was traveling 21 MPH when she exited the vehicle.

Now I see her in some distress amidst a pack of hounds. There is turmoil and she is down amongst the pups. I stop. I worry about parking. I think, I should move on out, but then, should I hit the flashers? The hazard lights. I wonder where the switch to do that is.

We are inside a building now, and there are various individuals sitting about. The quarters are confined, like the galley of a ship. Everyone must know the beta has been attacked by hounds, but no one seems in the least upset about it. I finally ask out loud, “Who’s in charge?” I understand this is some sort of a dog owners’ gathering. Someone is indicated, and I approach him. I ask, “Are you in charge?” and he says, “Yes, me and Carl.” I say, she was just attacked, and he stands up to move off, gesturing to someone.

The beta is in discussion with that someone, who may or may not be Carl. I stand in the galley, and one of them says, “Boy, I remember when Koodge was here.” Koodgie is the ancient hound who was part of the household when I moved to my current family in Felton. So Koodge is known here?

Beta comes back. She is satisfied now. The settlement, I infer from somewhere, is ridiculously small. I go in search of a bathroom.

Always in my dreams, I cannot find a bathroom. Always, I’m responding to a real physical need. The one I locate is closed. I see a toilet and I go to use it and women come in. It isn’t a closed section, more like the display at Sears. Only the passage is narrow, like the hallway through a bar to a restaurant. I am embarrassed, but not overly so.


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